Need a Compact and Seamless Solution? Meet the Light Closure

light closure

Fiber optic splice closures play a critical role in safeguarding the splicing of fiber optic cables, serving as essential protective enclosures within fiber optic networks. These closures provide a secure and controlled environment for splicing operations, ensuring the delicate fiber optic connections remain protected from external elements.

With the growing demand for scalable and efficient fiber optic networks, Yelco has developed a groundbreaking solution to address the limitations of conventional closures - the Light Closure.

What are the Current Limitations of Fiber Optic Closures?

Fiber optic closures are an important part of a fiber optic network. However, it is essential to acknowledge the limitations of these closures to make informed decisions when designing, implementing, and managing fiber optic networks:

  • Size and Capacity Constraints: One of the primary limitations of fiber optic closures lies in their size and capacity. Depending on the type of closure, only a certain number of fiber connections can be accommodated. Networks that require multiple splices or connections may necessitate the use of multiple closures, adding complexity to the installation and management process.
  • Installation and Maintenance Challenges: Proper installation and maintenance are critical for ensuring the optimal functioning of fiber optic closures. Qualified technicians and adequate training with knowledge of the assembly process are essential to avoid performance problems or failures in the fiber optic network. Improper handling or improper configuration can compromise the effectiveness of the closure and the overall performance of the network.
  • Fiber Optic Closure Costs: Fiber optic closures, especially those designed for harsh outdoor environments, can be relatively expensive compared to other network components. Shutdown costs, as well as installation and maintenance expenses, are crucial factors to include in the final budget for the fiber optic network deployment.

Recognizing the inconveniences posed by these limitations is essential when choosing the right components for your fiber network. Mitigating these challenges and ensuring network reliability, efficiency, and scalability can be achieved through careful product selection.


What is the Light Closure?

The Light Closure is a product that not only addresses the limitations of traditional fiber optic closures but also brings forth innovative features. It is a game-changer.

The Light Closure is a durable, adaptable, and efficient solution for securing fiber optic connections, providing peace of mind to network operators.

Some of its greatest features are:

  • Versatility: This Closure can be used as a distribution point for primary networks or as a customer connection point, providing flexibility for FO network installations. It can also be used either with thermal or mechanical cable sealings.
  • Durability: With an IP68 rating and a high resistance material, the Light Closure offers protection against harsh environmental conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Efficiency: The splice trays on this closure can hold up to 144 fusion splices, and splitters can be added without compromising space, maximizing capacity and efficiency.
  • Easy Installation: Either heatshrink or fully mechanically, the light closure allows entry of cables or microducts. With different methods. It can be installed on a wall, pole and chamber with a sliding system, making installation fast and simple.
  • Compatibility: The Light closure can be installed together with other products developed by Yelco. In this way we have a perfect symbiosis with other innovative solutions.
  • Adaptability: In addition to being a closure with a capacity of 144 fusions, there is also the possibility of adaptation to integrate customers. With a simple adaptation it will be possible to connect a maximum of 24 clients in LC/APC connector or 12 in SC/APC connector. In this version the max capacity of splicing is 48 divided in two trays.
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How is the Light Closure different?

There are specific characteristics that make the Light Closure different from other closure solutions available, such as:

  • Smaller and lighter design.
  • Suitable for various network points, including distribution and customer connection.
  • Holds up to 144 fusion splices in 6 trays.
  • All trays can accommodate up 2 splitters 40*4*4mm without the need or extra accessories.
  • Drop customer special tray for 12x SC/APC or 24x LC/APC.
  • IP68 rated for superior protection against environmental factors.
  • Offers flexibility in cable sealing, supporting heatshrink or mechanical glands.
  • Multi-way entry glands accommodate 2 to 12 cables, optimizing space usage.
  • Spare loop storage basket with a flipping feature for safe storage.
  • Can be wall or pole mounted with "click IN&OUT" and/or sliding system.


Is the Light Closure compatible with other products?

As mentioned before, the light closure is compatible with other Yelco products, like the metallic and plastic wall and pole supports, the wall and pole support with sliding system, and the “Quick Click IN&OUT” system.

Want to know how to customize or create a tailor-made product for your network? Know more about Yelco.


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