Looking for Infinite Expansion Possibilities?: Meet the Infinity Fiber Optic Splice Closure

infinity closure

Fiber optic splice closures are protective enclosures designed to house and safeguard the splicing of fiber optic cables. It is a vital component in fiber optic networks, providing a secure and controlled environment for splicing operations and protecting the delicate fiber optic connections from external elements.

The Infinity Fiber Optic Splice Closure, a product by Yelco, is a product that was developed to allow operators to overcome current limitations in this type of product when it comes to expanding fiber optic networks.

What are the Current Limitations of Fiber Optic Closures?

Fiber optic closures are used for several purposes in fiber optic networks: cable splicing, protection from environmental factos, distribution and connection point.

However, fiber optic closures have some limitations that must be considered:

  • Size and capacity: Fiber optic closures have limited size and capacity. Depending on the type of closure, a number of fiber connections can be accommodated. Networks which require multiple splices or connections, multiple closures may be required, adding complexity to the installation and management process.
  • Installation and Maintenance: Proper installation and maintenance procedures and highly skilled personel are required to ensure the proper functioning of fiber optic closures. Improper handling or poor set up can cause performance problems or failures in the fiber optic network.
  • Network Scalability and Expansion: Depending on the design and location of the closure, access may vary with future expansions or additions. When selecting and implementing fiber optic closures, it is important to consider scalability and future network growth.
  • Fiber Optic Closure Cost: Fiber optic closures, especially those designed for harsh outdoor environments, can be relatively expensive compared to other network components Shutdown costs, as well as installation and its maintenance is included in the total final budget for the fiber optic network deployment.

Understanding the purpose and the limitations of fiber optic closures is critical to properly designing, implementing, and managing fiber optic networks. You should always ensure network reliability, efficiency and scalability by choosing the right product for your network.

The limitations of the fiber closures create some inconveniences that you have to care when choosing this component for your fiber network:

  • Increased complexity and cost: The limited size and capacity of fiber optic enclosures may require the use of multiple enclosures to accommodate a large number of fiber connections This adds complexity to the installation process, as well as equipment and labor installation costs.
  • Accessibility and Flexibility: Some fiber optic closures may have limited access and flexibility for future expansions or modifications. Customers may face challenges in scaling their networks or adapting to evolving needs if closures prevent smooth transitions.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Fiber optic closures require regular maintenance to ensure proper operation and protect network integrity. Failure to maintain or maintain closed components can cause performance problems or failures in the fiber optic network.

What is the Infinity Fiber Optic Splice Closure?

As we previously stated, fiber optic networks are complex systems. The numerous fiber optics have to be routed correctly, organized, stored and kept safe at each connection point. What you need is a product that has the best relation between quality, price and simplicity of operation.

This can be achieved through years of experience developing solutions for fiber networks, choosing the right partners to help you achieve reduced costs and introducing innovative features that can help to simplify the product.

With its experience and resources, Yelco developed a product that helps to overcome the limitations of fiber optic closures, through innovative fatures:

  • Capacity: In its base SL model, the infinity joint can support up to 384 fusions, distributed over 32 cassettes of 12 fusions each, in two vertical columns of 16 cassettes each.
  • Expansion: Each Infinity Closure Expansion Kit allows the increment of up to 384 fusions. The user can set their own number of cassettes without using the maximum capacity of the joint. The Infinity Closure expansion is one of the most prominent features, as the product was developed so that the joint expansion process would be a very simple process with the least impact on the network, in a joint in a functional network. 
  • Cable ports: The base of the Infinity joint has an oval port, for mid-span fibers, 8 circular ports of 30mm diameter and 4 circular ports of 15mm diameter.
  • Cable Sealings: Another innovative feature developed for the Infinity Fiber Optic Splice Closure is the fact that mechanical or heat shrink sleeve systems can be used to seal the cables at the closure entries.  This versatility of the Infinity Closure allows it to be used in different scenarios.
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How is the Infinity Fiber Optic Splice Closure different?

The Infinity Closure presents characteristics that differentiate it from other solutions on the market, of which we highlight:

  • The closure expansion process is simple and intuitive, with the main objective of causing the least impact on an operating network.
  • Colored trays for different categories of cables: drop customer cable, secondary network, primary network, backbone, and so on.
  • Different trays for different passive components: heat-shrink splices, ANT splices, splitters, etc.
  • Possibility to use either thermal or mechanical cable sealings.

Is the Infinity Fiber Optic Splice Closure compatible with other products?

Besides its specific components, the Infinity Fiber Optic Splice Closure is compatible and can be mounted with Yelco's PDO pole mount.

Learn more about the Infinity Fiber Optic Splice Closure.

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