Overcoming the Main Limitations of the Fiber Optic Closure: Know How

A fiber optic closure or fiber optic splice closure is a type of passive equipment used to provide space to organize and connect optical fibers, in outdoor and indoor environments. It also has huge importance in protecting the spliced fiber and the joint parts of outdoor fiber cables.

Although being very important on a network, just like several telco products, the fiber optic splice closure has its own limitations but with this new solution, they are easy to be overcome.

Limitations of the Standard Optical Closures

Optical fiber closures usually are complex to install due to the great number of fibers segregation by the tubes going to the cassettes. When managing, it’s extremely difficult to make changes, due to the complexity of the distribution of fibers. Besides that, fiber optic closures, dome type, can’t be installed on poles due to being too big, and need to be installed on a Visit Box next to the pole, which requires a licensing process with the municipal authorities, which is a slow process.

To tackle these issues, in 2015, Yelco Technologies developed the Backpack Closure, an innovative concept that merged two needs: a closure with a big capacity for fusion splices and a Customer Connection Box (CCB), in one product. This compacted solution allowed to assemble a larger quantity of cable fusions and splitters, while guaranteeing the physical division between the core and the client’s networks, all in one, making the process of installing the fiber network simpler and faster.

The Backpack Closure, due to its capacity and two-in-one function, was already very different from any regular fiber optic closure in the market. But even though this product did solve some problems, there were still other limitations, which led to the development of the Backpack Closure V2.

What is the Backpack Closure V2?


The Backpack Closure V2 is a fiber optic closure for organizing fiber cables, that is meant to be installed in a Pole or direct wall for organizing fiber cables, while also allowing to link a Customer Connection Box to the front. Beyond its base concept, the Backpack Closure V2 brings a set of changes that make it a different and innovative product:

  • It makes expanding easier and simpler. This upgraded version of our closure has the capability to organize a greater number of splitters, which allows the operator to expand its network without having to install a Dome Closure.
  • Better organization and more space. In this new version, you have dedicated areas to organize mid-span fibers and excess fibers. This guarantees total protection of the fiber optic since now there’s a place for everything.
  • Managing cables is easier. With the new fiber management system, the installation of fibers has been made so much easier! All the routing of the fibers is made in this management system, between the 8 trays that are possible to install.
  • Professionals can assemble high-capacity fiber optic trays (with the splice and/or splitter holders, that can be exchanged between each other). In the Backpack Closure V2 it’s possible to install 48 splice trays (24 splices per holder) or trays with 12 splitters (4 holders of 3 splitters and 4 splices each). If needed, it also supports a maximum capacity of 96 splice trays (4 splice holders with 24 splices each).
  • Direct front attachment with a Costumer Connection Box won’t be a problem. A new lid was designed for the front area, so you can just slide off the front cover if you want to place a new CCB.

The dimension of the Backpack Closure V2 is 282 x 318 x 124 mm (L x W x D) and its weight, including cassettes, is 2,4 Kg. The material used is ASA Ultra UV with a RAL 7016 soft texture finish.

What are the main differences of the Backpack Closure V2 to a regular fiber optic closure?

The Backpack Closure, besides its two-in-one base function, which already makes it different from a regular FOSC, has upgrades that make it even more unique, offering solutions that no other product in the market does.

The innovations it brings make it simpler to install. The complexity in having to install any complementary product is solved, as the Backpack Closure eliminates the need for this process with its larger capacity. This capacity also allows for more organization of fiber optic spices, contributing to the protection of the fibers.

Besides the unique capacity and organization the Backpack Closure has, it also makes maintenance easier, as it facilitates managing with its integrated fiber management system, a particular feature to this closure.

With all of this, the Backpack Closure helps to spare time and resources, as it simplifies the process of installing, expanding and maintaining, providing solutions to the problems that telecom professionals face, in a very unique way.


Is it compatible with other products available in the market?

Yes. The Backpack Closure V2 can be provided with a full range of other Yelco Technologies products:

  • Accessory for Pole Installation
  • Cable Slack holder
  • Customer Connection Box (standard or slim) for direct attachment
  • Design Cover (when no OTB is attached or CCB is attached)

Want to know how to customize or create a tailor-made product for your network? Know more about Yelco.

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