Reasons Why Your Telecommunications Equipment may Need to be Customized

Nowadays, we live in a world that’s constantly growing, and with the population growth and technologies evolving some necessities also grow, including the necessity for bigger telecommunication networks. Consequently, with expanding networks come new requirements to adapt to the dimensions needed, and the need for specific products for the specific context in which the network is being expanded.

What are the main challenges of mass manufacturing?

Mass manufacturing has many benefits, one of them being the velocity with which we can get a large number of products for our projects. But on the other hand, it’s only capable of providing us with standard telecommunications equipment that might not fit the specifications of our needs. This means, mass manufacturing only happens with products that already exist and, sometimes, what we need for a project doesn’t exist yet, which creates a problem.

What types of problems a product can have that product customization can solve?

It’s not uncommon to face technical problems when expanding a telecom network. Some of the most common problems that might emerge in these situations are:

  • Products with big footprints, impact the environment in which they’re being installed.
  • Unaesthetically framed products, that creates more impact on the environment as well.
  • Products with a fiber capacity that can’t support the network growth.
  • Bad fiber management within the product, which creates problems with messy fibers.
  • Telecommunications equipment that is complex to handle and hard to understand.
  • Products that can´t be easily upgraded.
  • High costs that go above the project budget.

When approaching these problems, product customization can start off two different ways: either upgrading an existing product or creating a whole new product from scratch. Even though the start point might be different, the process of product customization ends up going through the same path, from ideas and defining the project, to the final product.

How product customization can be the answer to grow your network while reducing costs?

Budget can be a limitation when trying to find the right product for you. For this, product customization besides being able to solve all the problems listed above, can also reduce both the CAPEX and the OPEX of your telecommunications network.

The products that are developed through this process are made to achieve maximum efficiency. With this, product customization avoids future problems, which will save you from future costs of maintenance that could appear with limited products.

Also, being a tailor-made solution, product customization takes into consideration how much you want to spend in the process and can give you the best price/quality relation.

To learn more about the benefits that product customization can bring you, check the following article: Buy Telecom Equipment or Customize? What is the best option according to your needs.

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How to know if my product needs to be customized

Sometimes, as mentioned before, the products available on the market might not be the right fit for your project. To find and buy the right telecommunications equipment that will solve your problems might be hard and inconclusive. In this situation, product customization allows you to go beyond the barriers of what already exists in the market, as it will create a telecommunications equipment for you that will fit your needs like a glove.

Also, when maintaining and expanding a network, you can face the situation of product obsolescence. This means that the product has reached the end of its lifecycle and won’t be manufactured anymore. If such product is an element of your project, your network can be put at risk. To try to achieve a solution, you can develop a customized telecommunications equipment that replaces the obsolete product.

How to start the process of telco product customization?

Knowing how product customization can facilitate the process of getting the right telecommunications equipment for your telecom network’s projects probably makes you want to know more about it, including how you can get this service for your company.

If you are wondering how you could start this process Yelco is the answer, as it is a company that will create the perfect solution for your problems and take care of your needs all the way, from the start of the process through the final product.


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