Telecom Equipment Suppliers: Meet the Company with All Telco Solutions

Each telecom network is unique and has its specific challenges and needs. Nowadays, it’s possible to find all types of equipment for different necessities, however, sometimes the products available aren’t quite the fit for the problems that appear.

When this happens, finding the right product for your telecom network can be painful, as telecom equipment suppliers might not be able to provide you with the needed solution, the right fit.

What is Yelco?

Yelco is a company that can help you with all your telco needs. Helping you grow your network more efficiently while reducing costs and increasing your turnover is one of Yelco’s main goals.

Whether you need an existing product or a tailormade solution, Yelco can help you with both. Besides having a complete range of complementary products to grow your network, Yelco also has a Telecom Product Customization service available.

To be the partner that you need, Yelco has:

  • In-house capabilities through the whole production cycle, including off the shelf products from their own brands, the skills to design products and the means to provide customized services.
  • The knowledge and track record, as it has a 20-year success in telecommunications, that comes with broad industry experience and a deep knowledge of the markets.
  • The love for innovation, that gives Yelco the motivation to develop products and solutions for its clients.

Telecom Products Customization

Besides offering a range of complementary products, Yelco has a strong focus on Telecom Products Customization, as it is a service that can fill the hole that regular telecom equipment suppliers don’t fill.

As different telecom networks call for different necessities, there’s a chance that they will need unique products for their specific needs. Sometimes the existing products available on the market can’t respond to such needs and in these situations, Customization is the answer.

Whether it’s upgrading an already existent product on the market (that might be standardized or obsolete) or creating a whole new product, Yelco can take care of you. On both situations, Yelco takes care of every step, from the idea, the designing of the project, to the final product. The process is the following:

Step 1: First, all the relevant information regarding the problem and the operator’s expectations are gathered, and then the team starts elaborating ideas, drafting possible solutions.

Step 2: A detailed project roadmap with all the milestones and dates is made and handed over.

Step 3: When the project is approved by the operator, the team starts developing the 3D prototype of the solution suggested. This will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of this solution.

Step 4: In this step the solution is shared with the client for approval. If improvement is needed, it won’t proceed to the next stage until such changes are done.

Step 5: The final product is made available to the customer.

Learn more about this process here.

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Overall, Yelco will take care of all your needs from A to Z. If it exists, you can find it on Yelco. If it doesn’t, Yelco will make it for you.

How can I work with Yelco?

You just need to contact us and share your challenge! What are you waiting to start growing your network without pain?

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