Different Technologies in one Fiber Optic Wall Outlet?: Meet the 3Tech Customer Wall Outlet

The 3Tech Wall Outlet, a product by Yelco, is a product that was developed to allow operators to have only one connection point inside the customer's home, where they can aggregate all the technologies they work with.

What are the Current Limitations of fiber wall outlets?

The concept of fiber wall outlets isn’t new. Nevertheless, this type of equipment came with limitations. The existent outlets were designed to only accommodate optical fibers and not any other technologies. Its inability to aggregate different technologies causes a bigger impact inside the customer’s home.

These limitations made it necessary to have multiple equipment for different technologies which created a bigger inconvenience to a client.

What is the 3Tech Wall Outlet?

The 3Tech Wall Outlet is an innovative product, which does not exist in the market. It has the capacity to aggregate the three technologies into a single point, avoiding the installation of more equipment inside the customer's home.

The technologies it aggregates are those that are used nowadays in FTTH networks: which are coaxial, data and fiber networks.

  • Coaxial network technology: a network that transports television signal throughout the premises to its different rooms and televisions. In southern European countries, this technology is still very common.
  • Fiber optical network technology: the one that can transmit the most information to the client’s home. Recent buildings already have the infrastructure to install fiber from the entry of the premises to where the reception equipment is placed.
  • Twisted cable network technology (Ethernet): UTP cable networks are the ones used to provide internet to the premises and its rooms. Premises are usually equipped with these networks.

Having this, the operator can install three different sockets in the costumer’s premises, in the same equipment, where before he’d need three different ones:

  • A coaxial socket,
  • A RJ45 socket and
  • A fiber socket.


Besides the possibility of aggregation of technologies, it also brings a lot of flexibility, because it is possible to make many combinations enter the number of outlets available for each of the technologies.

How is the 3Tech Wall Outlet different?

The 3Tech Wall Outlet has an appealing design, with pleasant curves and a high-quality surface finish. It’s made from ABS polymer and, if required, it can be produced with special plastic components to have LSZH and Fire-Retardant features. The cover can be customized with the network operator’s logo.

Management wise, the 3Tech Wall Outlet has features that ensure that a minimum bend radius of 25mm is maintained as the bare fiber is routed through the outlet. Cables can enter both from the base or from the rear, and screw holes allow for an easy installation and positioning. Alternatively, the recessed base of this equipment can be fastened with adhesive or even hot glue, maintaining the outlet attached to the wall.

To connect the three technologies in this solo equipment while also adapting to different situations, the 3Tech Wall Outlet offers versatility. You can attach multiple combinations such as:

  • Fiber cable + UTP cable + Coaxial cable
  • Up to 2 Fiber cables + maximum 2 UTPs
  • Maximum 4 Fiber cables + 1 Coaxial cable
  • And so on!
3tech1-min 3tech2-min 3tech3-min

To also answer to the challenge of keeping the dimensions of the solution in a size that wouldn’t create much impact when installed, the 3Tech Wall Outlet was developed to be compact (84x84x15mm).

In this compact size, besides its three technology and multiple configuration abilities, it can support maximum 4x SC simplex or 4x LC duplex optical fusions and accommodate 8 splice sleeves (up to 45mm).

All these features in a single solution, where the end customer can automatically choose the configuration to apply on-site.

Is the 3Tech Wall Outlet compatible with other products?

This equipment can be supplied with adaptors and pigtails if required, or even as a pre-terminated product.

It’s compatible with other Yelco’s components such as the accessory 3Tech Wall Outlet CATv Box, that allows to incorporate a wall outlet CATV box in the 3Tech Wall Outlet.

Want to know how to customize or create a tailor-made product for your network? Know more about Yelco.


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